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2010-Feb-1 03:52 - Angel Twinks at
Well for a start these are no angels judging by the things they get up to. European twinks who look even younger are found doing what they do best. Tons of explicit sex scenes on video and in the photo galleries. Again quite a popular site with a big interest shown in Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

The guys are great looking and the sexual fun they have is tremendous. You can have a look at the free tour if you want a taste. Given how pretty the tour is I’m a little surprised that the member’s area is so bland. They put a whole lot of work into the free area but not so much into the paid area.

2010-Feb-1 01:32 - GayVideo18 - Gay Twink Sex
GayVideo18 is very much in the format of a gaytube website devoted exclusively to gay twink porn. You can select from hundreds of scenes and have them streamed to your desktop. I suspect the site is composed of the huindreds if not thousands of twink videos in the other Bucksfactory sites - amazing twinks, Mike18, washed twinks, angel twinks, all hot twinks. Probably all this content has been recycled to create such a site.

Judging by the Alexa traffic rank it is only now that it is beginning to attract traffic having been launched in 2009. Traffic has doubled over the past three months so it seems to be making an impression on the gay twink niche. Below are a few samples of the kind of lads you can expect to find.

GayVideo18 Boy-ReviewGayVideo18 Boy-ReviewGayVideo18 Boy-Review

boy-review gay website
2010-Jan-31 06:34 - Straightboysporn - New and Hot
Another new site from Bucksfactory released at the end of January 2010. The philosophy is all about straight twinks first time gay encounter. Mind you if these twinks are all straight then I'm the emperor of China - and I'm not. Lots of hot high resolution video scenes of about 15 minutes in duration. East European new gay twinks on the Net - where do thye get them from, beats me but they do deliver I must say :-)

Here we go - a few juicy samples just for you.

StraightBoysPorn at Boy-ReviewStraightBoysPorn at Boy-ReviewStraightBoysPorn at Boy-ReviewStraightBoysPorn at Boy-Review
2010-Jan-31 05:57 - Straight becomes gay at

straightbecomegay at

Hot out of the Bucksfactory studios is StraightBecomeGay which was released upon the gay world yesterday. A sizzler of a site with loads of "straight" twinks going gay with their friends - and boy do they seem to be enjoying it. With names like Eirck, Petr and Dante it is a bit of a give away that these lads are form Eastern Europe. Again a certain preference for outsoor scenes (cuts down the studio costs considerably I would imagine and true to form the twinks are 18 - 19 years old. If I were you I would get over their as quickly as possible. You know what its like when a new twink site hits the web. Standing room only, boys!

Oh, almost forgot, again a little eye candy as a sample of what awaits you. Isn't he cute?

straightbecomegay at boyreview.comstraightbecomegay at boyreview.comstraightbecomegay at

2010-Jan-31 05:28 - Archie19 featured at Boy-Review

Archie19 gay twink boy-review

up among the winners too when it comes to gay twink porn with no telling what these horny twinks get up to when left to their own devices. Fucking and sucking each other indoors and out as if there was no tomorrow. It's  not just Archie alone but he has in his company an army of twinks, all horny, fresh and up for anything. Solos, duos, group sex scenes caught on high resolution video - you name it, it's got it. Mind you when you take a look at Archie in person it is scarcely credible that he is 19 years old but he would not be performing here I guess if he wasn't. Admittedly from taking a look at it's popularity is waining in some countries. Guess which country it has an Alexa ranking of 1500? You never will. In gay old Libya so there must be a definite preference for young European lads among the gay clientele there, n'est-ce pas?  The country accounts for 13.5 per cent of all traffic to the site - soemthing I must remember for my next North African vacation. Below a few more pics for your viewing pleasure, Gents.

Archie 19 boy-review.comArchie 19 boy-review.comArchie 19 boy-review.comArchie 19

As always tons more videos for your viewing pleasure of gay Archie19 here.

Enough from me, Harry Jhones, back soon
2010-Jan-29 08:11 - Teenboyslove - gay videos and pics

This is probably the second most successful site after Mike18 in the world of gay twink videos and picture galleries. It has been around for a few years and still seems to be growing in popularity. Again as always Bucksfactory sticks to what it does best and that is definitely the twink gay scene. The boys, all aged 18/19 years old are mainly from Eastern Europe - like Mike18 - and a lot of the sets are featured outdoors.

Here are a selection from the galleries which I took from their promotional content. This should give you a feeling for the site and what it offers should you consider signing up.

As always you will find tons more free galleries and videos here.


Harry Jhones
2010-Jan-27 04:05 - Boy-Review pictures of amazing twinks
 Amazing twinks is a brother site of Mike18 and like all Bucksfactory sites they focus exclusively on gay twink content. The site has been around for a couple of years and was one of the first to follow on from Mike18.Again the content is made up largely of young fresh East European twinks and the videos are pretty hot and steamy. Below is a small compliation of pics I have gathered from the site.

You can find plenty more hot gay twink videos here on simply by clicking the banner below. Enjoy!

More updates later.

Harry Jhones

2010-Jan-27 02:15 - 5StarBoys at

is one of the latest creations of Bucksfactory and follows on well-known sites such as the famous  Mike18, Archie19  and teenboys love. Again this is a 100% gay twink site mainly with young East European guys aged 18-20 years. The site has a lot of video content shot outside and all the material is high definition quality. As usual with bucksfactory sites there are tons of video and loads of explicit galleries.

With Mike18 being the first site to hit the gay market some four years ago, Bucksfactory took the right decision to do what it does best and that is without doubt the gay twink niche. Currently the affiliate has some 20 gay twink niche sites and they just seem to keep rolling out so obviously they are getting a good reception on the market.

At Boy-Review to date we have only featured a few of the entire selection of sites but I am sure we will be including more of their gay twink sites in the not too distant future. Here are just a few sample pics from 5Starboys

I'll be back with you soon,

Harry Jhones

2010-Jan-25 01:30 - New sample viideo clips from Chilloutboys at Boy-Review
Chilloutboys is one of the most popular sites from GayPay. It is a very gay twink site featuring 18/20 years old twinks. These young European lads offer hot action and as well as video there are hundreds of twink galleries. All the videos are at least 15 minutes long and they are in high definition quality. Other sites from the owners of Chilloutboys include:

They also have a really hot twink site called Twinkfuckfest with "loads" of cum-filled vids of young fresh twinks. This is more of a twink orgy site with lots of takes of group sex action with these horny lads. Have a look! You can click on the banner below to access it.

 Here are a few hot clips from Chilloutboys:


Want to see more free gay twink clips from Boy-Review. Click here.

Back soon with more updates,

Harry Jhones
2010-Jan-12 03:56 - Boy-Review - Simply the best in gay porn


my name is Harry Jhones and I am webmaster of the latest mega gay porn site to hit the Internet. gives you acces to both gay twink and gay stud pics and videos galore - all from the best producers of porn on the Net. You can also place your comments on a particular pic or clip and interact with other users on the site. All you have to do is register. Below a few sample pics of what we have on offer.


Talk to you soon



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